last night I attended a Board meeting of some type. The agenda said BOD meeting but the content was an attack on a resident who happens to be a board member. I have never witnessed an attempt to discredit a resident like I did last night. I wonder what the emergency was???? Why was this meeting even called?? It appears to be a complex issue regarding lot ownership and HOA dues. That in itself is not a big problem. Issues like this are encountered probably every day in HOAs all across Florida. Simple resolution with just a quick meeting of board members when the issues were discovered. The issue here is how a sitting board would call a meeting to discuss a residents HOA assessment in an open venue. This morning is definitely a case of selective enforcement in a public forum. The community witnessed a verbal assault of accusations against a longtime resident. This resident was not given documents that were presented prior to the meeting. It was like being in the twilight zone. I don’t know where this will end up but I can tell you that an EMERGENCY meeting was not at all necessary. I remember when the Great Recession hit and residents became delinquent. At that time the BOD approached the residents and worked out payment plans to get caught up. The names were not broadcast or published to embarrass or shun them. During meetings the board would report the number of delinquency and the resolutions. Never would they use names or attack a resident. What is going on here? I do not think that this resident or his neighbor owe anything to the community based on what I heard in the meeting. Never was an assessment missed. Never was a notice sent. Our annual audits never raised a flag. Books always balanced. Every annual election allowed resident to vote (cannot vote if your delinquent) there was a clear time when previous board said one lot one vote and invoiced accordingly. WHATS WITH THE PUBLIC DISPLAY? It’s about an ego. Nothing more nothing less. The president said “yes but not in those exact words” when asked if he ever asked anyone to resign or he would disclose information and try to discredit someone. Never heard the word attorney come out of someones mouth so many times in a meeting. What a horrible meeting for a fantastic neighborhood.

Also discussed was approved jet list. Another attempt at control and selective enforcement. An aircraft that has capability of departing at a weight slightly above the approved mtow and is currently approved is now going to be denied? WHY? These jets are already approved. A piece of paper (STC) has the ability to make two identical airplanes have different GTOW. Are we really gonna weigh aircraft? Check STC’s. How about measuring hedges? The hedges that hide the fuel farm tanks are taller than our documents allow. The ones proposing this change break rules just like most residents. From operating heavy fuel towing vehicles and golf carts on taxiways (these are not approved in our governing documents) to having moldy roofs/driveways and overgrown landscaping. We have so many positive projects and issues to address yet this BOD majority has other plans. This BOD majority is doing nothing to make AeroClub great again.

What I saw from people attending was encouraging. Calls for mediation and calls for civility was a theme. Looking forward to resolution was also discussed. No calls for payup or guilty. Thank goodness. It’s a shame the management company didn’t stop the meeting before it happened. I think a management company that deals with many associations should have seen that was an attempt at a hit job and squashed the meeting before it was even scheduled.

I am hoping to post and blog lots of good news in the future