I am currently out of state or I would have attended the meeting personally.

Please put this statement into the meeting minutes

First I Would like to thank Gary Blodgett for his commitment and accomplishments regarding the fuel farm. When he took over the fuel farm the records were incomplete and procedures non existent. He took the recommendations from fuel systems committee and implemented procedures. With Gary and the management company  the monthly reconciliations have been spot on. Thanks Gary! Let’s make Aero Club great again sure isn’t working very well!!

Secondly, It is a shame that volunteers can be treated in the way I have been the last two months. The fuel farm maintenance has always been a fun volunteer job for me. As most of the community knows I’ve been involved with fuel for the last 14 years with a few breaks due to some previous boards agendas. And it appears that this BOD majority has a new agenda that isn’t very friendly to past volunteers and members. Or at least the fuel committee. After this past election, less than 24 hours I was told by a new BOARD member that all committees were dissolved.  Being in this position before, I knew it was not correct as committees were created and dissolved only in public BOD meetings. That did not happen during the election and if it was discussed during the organizational meeting after the election it was not made public at the time or even distributed to the residents at anytime.This is poor management for a new BOD considering how contentious this election was. Staying in contact with Julie Barnett I continued to assist Gay Blodgett with the monitoring of the fuel farm. Soon after the election. I tried to schedule a meeting with a new BOD member and the fuel committee. The response I got was “Gary B has an agenda and I don’t wanna get political so I will pass on the meeting” I think that is not in best interest of the community. All directors have an obligation to hear all residents and especially volunteers. Listen and then decide. It appears this new board majority has an agenda. For that reason I rescind my offer to volunteer for any committee.


Don Rice