Follow up post from BOD meeting

Name: Tomas Bueno

Email: Tomas@SkyBlueJA.com

Comment: Agree 100 percent, what happened in that meeting is a disgrace to our community.
I presided the BOD for three years, a lot of good got done with team effort.
I cannot believe what happened! Using three seats of the BOD to ridiclulize another BOD and neighbor??
Using the […]

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What an Embarrassment. Why was this meeting even called?

last night I attended a Board meeting of some type. The agenda said BOD meeting but the content was an attack on a resident who happens to be a board member. I have never witnessed an attempt to discredit a resident like I did last night. I wonder what the […]

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Resignation Letter From Committee 12-4-2018


I am currently out of state or I would have attended the meeting personally.

Please put this statement into the meeting minutes

First I Would like to thank Gary Blodgett for his commitment and accomplishments regarding the fuel farm. When he took over the fuel farm the records were incomplete and […]

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Jet VFR departure from Uncontrolled airport

National Transportation Safety Board
Aviation Accident Final Report

Location: BOCA RATON, FL
Accident Number: MIA00FA190A
Date & Time: 06/23/2000, 1141 EDT
Registration: N220JC
Aircraft: Learjet 55
Aircraft Damage: Destroyed
Defining Event:

Injuries: 3 Fatal
Flight Conducted Under:
Part 91: General Aviation – Positioning
The Learjet departed from an uncontrolled airport about 2 minutes before the accident on a on a VFR climb […]

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Suggested best practices (Unofficial version)

Wellington Aero Club (FD38) PVT UTC-4(-5DT) N26*38-48.15’ W80*17-42.24” Miami
20 ft B TPA-1020 (1000) Notam via ASOS Not insp. H-08, L-23
RWY 16-34 H4055x75 (ASPH) MIRL VASI V2L NO IAP
Service S1 FUEL Self-Serve 100LL. JET A.
AIRPORT MANAGER: Barnet Mgt. 561-632-4655
WEATHER DATA SOURCES: 561-793-2088 ASOS 118.075
PB APP CON 128.3 […]

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